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Migration - Travel Pass Requirements
So the number of passports you need to move to a certain city is based on your power rank in that city. The higher your rank, the more passports you need to move. So the more your power is big you need more travel passes the less your power is you need less travel passes. If you go to a smaller city with less power it will be expensive, if you go to a stronger city it will be cheaper so it always depends on your power. Before moving to another city, you must bring your personal power to a minimum because of the costs, for example: killing troops, removing clothes. Make hospital vol, and be careful with unsafe ressi, they will be gone.
More detailed info for tearpasses quantity for used city you will get in event info in game.

update ..:03:2023
Limit for Villa LV : the limit for E6 is 3 and for E5 is 10

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