New to VIS? - Here are a few infos

Welcome to VIS Mafia, the information and exchange platform of the mafia clan "Visitors", short "VIS" in the online game "Mafia City" by Yotta .
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New to VIS? - Here are a few infos

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First of all: WELCOME TO THE WILD BUNCH! @cvece9@ :pompom: :alcool1:

Do not be shy.
Be active in clan chat.
Ask questions if you have any.
Do participate in events.
Ask for help if in need.
Have fun and enjoy!

Then we have a few rules we would like everyone to follow:

Your Business Zone - please place it at the far eastern end of the city map. Somewhere at X:1186 Y:16

We have some Farm-Clans in the city for your farms, like VTS, ViS, and so on.
So if you brought a farm or want to raise one, those are the clans to put them.
They are focused on growth more than battle.
You will notice that we also have some farms in the main clan, but you will easily recognize why. They are strong enough to belong there.

In global tournaments like 3vs3 or the global part of Underground Tournament we do not attack players from our city #13.
Exceptions to this rule are the Real Estate Competition and the city part of Underground Tournament .
Feel free to attack each other there.

  • Do not steal flowers from other players, no matter the clan.
  • One simple rule: Do not attack mansions in the city that have a clan tag. Some people have their own small clan for their farms or take a break from VIS activities. We keep peace in the city.
And now log in and be part of VIS!

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