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Mafia Horoscope

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Aries (21.03. to 20.04.)
Aries own arrogance. With their statements, they can not only alienate other people, but also really hurt them. Another dark side: Aries are quite domineering and like to boss others around. True to the motto: I am the king and you are the rabble ...

A powerful and intense year is ahead. Global upheavals and new beginnings are to be expected, but 2023 will also be a year of transformation on a personal level. Create a vision for yourself and the people around you and take the lead!
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Taurus (21.04. to 20.05.)
Watch out, jealous cow coming! Taurus can really piss you off in a relationship with their unfounded delusions. Discussion? pointless. The bull forms its own opinion. And is harsh on others.

Incredible new opportunities await the Taurus-born. 2023 is a year of change, of transformation on a global level, but also on a personal level. Taurus will focus on themselves and their relationships this year and will go through positive developments.
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Gemini (21.05. to 21.06.)
Sometimes Hü and sometimes Hott, sometimes angry and sometimes nice, sometimes stubborn and sometimes understanding ...

Sorry, dear twins, but no one really understands this back and forth. One day you understand every joke, the next you completely freak out. unpredictability? Simply the worst case!
An exciting year full of global upheavals and new beginnings is imminent. For the twins, 2023 is the time to rewrite their destiny. Reinvent yourself!
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Cancer (22.6. to 22.7.)
Mine, mine, all mine! Cancer is so possessive that it uses its claws to snipe anyone who wants a piece of the pie. Beast factor 10! We immediately have Falco's song in our ears: The whole world revolves around me...

A magical year awaits the Cancer-born! But also from a global perspective, 2023 will be an intense year full of upheavals and new beginnings. The goal is to make room for new things.
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Leo (23.7. to 23.8.)
People who roar don't bite? Not entirely true. The Leo, who wants to be number 1 at all costs, can be really rough with others. Those who are not careful will have their claws in their backs. It goes without saying that they hurt...

2023 will be an intense year. Global upheavals and new beginnings are imminent. Leos will finally realize what things to let go of to make room for something new, better!
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Virgo (24.8. to 23.9.)
"You are lazy", "You are stupid", "You are untalented". The Virgo is the Dieter Bohlen among the zodiac signs and she loves to criticize others with full force. Why? Because she expects them to be just as perfect as she is.

2023 promises to be an intense year full of challenges and changes! The Virgo-born are also affected by this on an individual level. But fear not, you will always be surrounded by love!
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Libra (24.9. to 23.10.)
Libra dangles lazily, but constantly wants admiration. If she doesn't get it, she starts insulting others. And in a tone that has washed itself. Dear Libra: always stay in balance!

Extraordinary opportunities await the Libra born this year! 2023 will be an intense year full of global upheavals. This transformative energy also affects the individual level.
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Scorpio (24.10. to 22.11.)
Oha, the scorpion is a master avenger. Just don't provoke him, you'll get at least double the load back. His retaliation strategy is usually very sophisticated, and he rams his spike exactly where it hurts his victim the most. Save yourself who can!

A significant year is ahead. 2023 brings global upheavals, but the personal level is also subject to change. Scorpio-born should brace themselves for drastic changes for the better.
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Sagittarius (23.11. to 21.12.)
"Dude, what are you doing? Do it differently." Sagittarians are masters at forcing their opinions on others and belittling them until they tuck in their insecurities. Discussions with Sagittarians can get extremely awkward!

2023 will be a great, intense year full of potential and opportunity for the Sagittarius natives. This year you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself and finally live your dreams!
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Capricorn (22.12. to 20.1.)
teamwork? Pfff, not with the Capricorn. He does his thing, regardless of whether the others fall by the wayside. The main thing is that he keeps the reins in his hand. put others down? Capricorns are really good at it, even if they can't take any criticism themselves.

Positive changes await in all areas of life - love life, finances, health and career. Capricorns need trust in the higher powers, but the more they learn to surrender to their guidance, the more they benefit. In the end there is a new me for the Capricorns!
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Aquarius (21.01. to 19.02.)
Ask an Aquarius to do something that doesn't suit them and they will do the exact opposite. Just to show you: I'm the king here and decide what I do! In addition, Aquarius can be very moody and lash out with their trident.

The year 2023 will be marked by transformation and change. You will finally have the power to live your life the way you've always wanted to. This runs through all areas of life - from health and love life to finances and career. Aquarians are aiming high this year!
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Pisces (20.2. to 20.3.)
Pisces wouldn't even have to pretend to play the schemer in a soap opera. Because they can be super manipulative to get where they want to go. And beware: They are highly creative in their machinations!

The year 2023 stands for global upheaval and transformation. Old systems are collapsing and making room for the new. It will also be an intense year for the Pisces-born, full of opportunities for improvement but also challenges. Be ready for a rebirth!

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