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Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2022 2:11 pm
by dedathegreat
In this topic we're talking about vigilantes, which ones to use in what situation, what to do with them and how. Everything you want to know or share your knowledge and thoughts about this topic you can write or ask here.

Re: Vigilante

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2022 8:07 pm
by dedathegreat
So, recently i posted some tips and suggestions for Vigilante Arena. I just want to remind once again there's no correct ops or vigilantes, every one of them has something that the other one doesn't have. Let me say this one more time, it's a matter of personal choice of every player what vigilante you're put in your ops or it depends on situation or enemy's ops formation.

But, there's always some choices depends of a type of crew you're prefering. As we all know we're talking about active skills here because passive ones we always have in our stats no matter what vigilantes are in ops. I'll again post some vigilantes what i personally think suits the best for some situations. Links of pictures for those i've already mentioned before in Vigilante arena topic i'll not post again.


1) Tex
2) Fire Lord
3) Bruce
4) Reo Sakurai
5) Jane
6) Marcus
7) Wendy
8) Nick
There's some good combinations similar as i was writing in vigilante arena topic. For example if you put Fire Lord and Reo Sakurai in the same ops and if those two have tatoo on max and 5 stars unlocked, you'll get 70 percent bulker health which is insanely good for defending. There's many more good combinations and it all depends on players what to choose. Same as in normal ops you can apply this suggestions in vigilante arena.


1) Terai Tadashi
2) Litan
3) Vlad
4) Director Hatcher
5) James
6) Patrick
7) Gaetan

There's some good combinations similar as i was writing in vigilante arena topic. My opinion is that since bikers are attacking troops most important attribute to develop on them is BIKER CHARGE DMG and attack in general so when you're about to increase your biker ops keep that in mind.


1) Macgyver
2) Yuki
3) Nora Hsu all 5 stars are related with shooters
4) Blair
5) Connor
6) Izumi
7) Ethan

There's some good combinations similar as i was writing in vigilante arena topic. Shooters are also like bikers attacking troops so they also need dmg and attack stats the most. Of course they need health also but majority of defense is bulker's job in fight.

At the end, i just want to say that suggestions for vehicles are pointless to write. I think you'll all agree with that. The other thing is that yotta is constantly adding new vigilantes or tatoo options to existing ones so maybe soon we'll have some more good stuff. :malin1: :malin1: :malin1: :alcool1: :alcool1: :alcool1: